"Facts are stubborn things…" - John Adams

Recent winner of a national book award, He Can See Heaven is the fast tale of Ellen Shea, an intrepid doctoral candidate on a dangerous search, first for a cache of ancient scrolls, and then for her lost faith. Along the way Ellen learns that the real history of early Christians and their literature has been hiding in plain sight and that like the New Testament, it's been much altered by time and human nature. She interacts with a parade of intriguing characters including two alluring men, sharing their spiritual perspectives while trying to resist their corporal charms.

There are tales within the tale, one of the scrolls' hazard-filled journey from their creation in Asia Minor, through Roman, medieval, and modern worlds, and another of the young Hierophant's emergence into the present, culminating in the realization of his startling prophecy.

The Da Vinci Code collides with Misquoting Jesus.

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"If you start dancing on tables, fanning yourself, feeling sleepy when you pick up a book, developing a sense of rhythm, making love whenever you feel like it -- then you know. The South has got you." - Susan Sontag

Jack Shea is a mid-sixties baseball prodigy in search of a college where he can play hardball year-round and defer his military service before going pro. He stumbles into a Deep South on the verge of civil mayhem, oblivious to the maelstrom that's about to engulf him. Jack's course is abruplty deflected when he reaches South Louisiana, at first by his love-at-first-sight, a remarkable Cajun queen who's charm and guile guard a dark secret, and then by his friendship with a gentle Negro named Luther, a kindred soul who like Jack is swept into the storm.

Dixie Traveler will take you where the history books won't, on a roller coaster ride through places and peoples of our past, a past that still haunts us and casts its dark shadow into our future.

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"Eat not to dullness, drink not to elevation." - B. Franklin

A practical and unique guide to diabetes, prediabetes, and waist control created by a doctor diagnosed with the disease, The Habit of Habits is a straightforward method of saving your life. In Ben Franklin's example and bolstered by today's medical science, it winnows the blizzard of advice about diabetes and weight control, debunking common myths in favor of mindful, take-charge techniques that will decrease your blood sugar along with your waistline.

Based on time-tested principles and aided by the latest research on diabetes, habit formation, and nutrition, The Habit of Habits teaches a step-by-step, one-day-at-a time, no deadlines method of weight and blood glucose reduction using the immense power of habit to set a course that will last a lifetime. By focusing on specific behaviors one at a time and built one upon another, you'll mindfully construct habit sets that defeat your disease.

Why adopt the habit of habits? Because it works!