"The search for truth takes you where the evidence leads, even if you don't want to go." - Bart Ehrman

A cascading adventure of discovery, intrigue, and romance, He Can See Heaven tells the tale of Ellen Shea, an intrepid young scholar on a perilous search through exotic locales for a trove of lost scrolls. Penned by Saint Papias and known to history as The Logia, the scrolls are the first record of Jesus, uncorrupted earwitness accounts older and truer than the New Testament. They unveil a new perspective of the man-god and predict the coming of a doomsday prophet, the Hierophant, one who can see heaven. Along the way Ellen interacts with a cavalcade of intriguing characters including two beguiling men, polar opposites who tantalize her mind and inflame her desires.

The text depicts a second journey, that of the scrolls themselves, from their origin in ancient Anatolia, through Judea to Constantine's Council at Nicaea, and then west to Iberia and the medieval kingdoms of the Visigoths, Moors, and Spaniards, at last coming to rest in modern Granada.

A raucous ride through Europe, North Africa, and New York City, this uncommon novel ponders the nature of faith and its professors, concluding with the poignant appearance of the Hierophant and his timeless message.

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