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J. B. Keats is an award-winning novelist, including a 2016 IPPY (Independent Publisher's Book Award) Silver Medal for his critically acclaimed debut novel, He Can See Heaven. J.B.'s lifelong fascinations with science, history, and religion intersect in that intellectual thriller and in his soon to be published historical novel, Dixie Traveler. A Catholic altar boy steeped in evangelism as a teen, his extensive exposure to Eastern, Native American, Muslim, and Jewish traditions as well as a lifelong immersion in disparate cultures infuses his provocative novels with a kaleidoscope of characters and perspectives.

In addition to his novels, J.B.’s first career as a renowned radiologist and medical school professor has inspired several works of nonfiction, his Now What? series. The first of this series, The Habit of Habits, was penned after his own diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. Disappointed by the overwhelming volume of erroneous, confusing, and ineffective advice about this epidemic disease, J.B has crafted an enabling guide for diabetics and pre-diabetics including the knowledge and techniques necessary to understand and defeat the condition. In less than 100 pages of plain English, his book teaches a practical method of habit formation that blends specific habits into each diabetic's unique lifestyle with the sure result of healthier blood sugars and slimmer waistlines. Forthcoming in J.B.’s Now What? series are life-saving guides on prostate cancer and high blood pressure.

J.B. showcases a masterful command of the written word acquired through decades of independent research, teaching, and public speaking. His how-to medical books delineate innovative, personal methods of conquering a variety of medical conditions while his inspiring novels enthrall his readers with adventure and wit.