"Paco leafed forward to read a second passage. 'Listen to your soul and not to false prophets, for they will come as locusts in every guise and garb. Many will claim my robes, but only the hierophant will speak for me.'" -p. 97

Ancient Greeks used the term "hierophant" to describe a holy man who led believers into the presence of God by interpreting sacred wisdom. In the Italian Renaissance the Hierophant became the fifth trump card in the game of Tarot, representing a young priest-like figure who channels the power of the universe for the benefit of mankind.

In He Can See Heaven, Ellen Shea meets a modern-day hierophant, a troubled youngster with extraordinary insight and intuition that allows him to see beyond the spiritually mundane, to pierce the clerical fog, and to hear above the din of today's squabbling sects. Like the first hierophants, he interprets newfound scripture and gives Ellen what she's been seeking: a glimpse of the way to heaven.

It's too late for a new prophet to appear, isn't it?  Could a modern hierophant be living among us?