“Remember, Señorita Ché, every scripture we have was written after the fact. For decades the story of Jesus was only spoken. ”She pointed toward the children. “It’s as if you told a nursery tale to that skinny boy there, the freckled one on the end, and asked him to whisper it to the next kid, and so on. It wouldn’t be long before the story changed, and just as in the early church, by the time it came around to the first kid, he’d barely recognize it.”
                                                                       - Sister Maria Teresa Frasco, p. 127

The good sister tells it like it is. We've all witnessed how a joke or nugget of gossip mutates as it's told. The more lips it passes, the more it varies. Such are the accounts of ancient celebrities: colorful stories about Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and many other old-worlders don't often survive the glaring light of history. The question Sister raises is whether our record of Jesus of Nazareth, passed on by word of mouth and then written decades after his crucifixion, has been similarly altered. 

Hmm... Could the stories about Jesus have changed before they were written down as scripture? How would we know?